Miiyu miiyu, It gives me great pleasure to be providing my services and I feel it is my responsibility to give back to my fellow Native Americans. I would be amiss, if I didn't acknowledge the one person who largely affected and influenced who I am today, and that person would be my grandmother. She always gave back to her people and taught me at an early age the importance of giving. Therefore, I carry-on the tradition of my elders that I was taught as a young man growing up, to continue our Native way and keep pride alive among our people. It is my upbringing, heritage and background that I created Dejon Aesthetics Center and Salon, and incorporated the core Native American values of generosity, respect, caring, compassion and humility into the business. These values apply not only to our fellow Native Americans, but how I believe we should strive to be and how we should treat everyone. It is a way of life and who we are.
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