Melissa Staricka MN,NP
 Why not just buy vitamins at the drug store? Good Question! When you take something by mouth, it has to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream. Unfortunately, that means you lose a significant amount of the nutrients in the pill before they can provide any benefits to your body. Vitamin injections avoid that nutrient loss by delivering them directly into your bloodstream, resulting in 100% absorption. Vitamin injections are beneficial to the body by boosting your immune system, balancing your hormones, increasing your energy levels, eliminating toxins, and giving your skin a healthier, youthful glow! All products are intended to augment and optimize a healthy nutrition and physical lifestyle and not intended as a replacement or to treat disease. It is recommended that you consult with your physician when starting or stopping any new regimen
The Vitamin Bar
B COMPLEX (thiamine, niacinamide, b2, b5, b6): Improves cell metabolism, skin health, muscle tone, immune and nervous system function. Helps prevent anemia and improves memory. B12 (methylcobalamin): Improves cellular energy production. Deficiency symptoms include depression, mood disorders, fatigue, and memory loss. FAT BURNER (lipo mino-b6, l-carnitine,cyanocobalamin, thiamine, & ribofavin(b2)): Supports fat metabolism by enhancing liver and gallbladder function. Improves antioxidant production and detoxification. VITAMIN D-50,000 iu/ml: One of the most incredible benefits of vitamin D injections is they reducing the risk of obesity-related illnesses FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (Glutathione): Known as a master antioxidant. It boosts other antioxidants. It is present in each cell, making sure that all cells are producing energy to meet body requirements.
 IV Therapy
Both IV Hydration Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy delivers specially formulated cocktails of nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants via an IV can help replenish, restore and detoxify your body. Quick absorption of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals sent directly to your bloodstream
Increased energy. Enhanced hydration. Boost in the radiance of skin. Immune support. . Assist in decreasing chronic pain. Improve athletic performance. May reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. Improving chronic illness symptoms.
 IV Therapy Boosters add ons



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